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Custom Solutions

At Licensed Electric Ltd., we understand that each home has its unique architectural intricacies and resident preferences. Whether it's the layout, historical significance, or specific requirements like home theaters or smart tech integrations, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Energy Efficiency

The future of electrical solutions is green. With the growing concern for our planet's well-being, there's an increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions. We're not just passively following this trend; we're pioneering it in Winnipeg.

Safety Guarantee

Every wire we lay, every switch we install, and every system we inspect is underlined by our commitment to safety. Our technicians are trained to adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring that your home's electrical system is sound and hazard-free.

On-Time Completion

In today's fast-paced world, we recognize the premium placed on time. Delays can be disruptive and costly. That's why punctuality is a principle we uphold fervently. When we commit to a deadline, we move heaven and earth to meet it.

Your Home, Electrified.

In the heart of every home lies its electrical pulse – the unseen force powering our lives, making modern conveniences and comforts possible. At Licensed Electric Ltd., we are deeply attuned to this heartbeat. With an unwavering commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation, our range of services is designed to cater to every electrical need your Winnipeg home might have. Whether you’re seeking a simple repair, a complete overhaul, or an eco-friendly upgrade, journey with us and experience electrical expertise at its finest. 

Panel And Service Upgrading

Modernize your home's electrical core with our panel and service upgrades, ensuring it meets the demands of today's high-tech appliances and systems.

Safety Assurance

Enhanced Capacity


New Home Renovations and Construction

Every dream home begins as an idea, a vision of comfort, convenience, and style. As our living spaces evolve, the electrical framework must seamlessly integrate, ensuring both function and aesthetics are in harmony.

Tailored Design

Advanced Integration

Quality Assurance

EV Outlets or Additional Wiring

The future of transportation leans green, with electric vehicles (EVs) taking center stage. As this evolution accelerates, homes must be equipped to handle this new wave of technology.

Efficient EV Charging

Scalable Wiring Solutions

Safety Checks

Troubleshooting and Rewiring

Electrical issues can be both elusive and disruptive. The key to a well-functioning home lies not just in its visible aesthetics, but in its unseen electrical veins that power every corner.

Expert Diagnosis

Modern Rewiring Solutions

Safety-Centric Approach

Home Electrical Safety Inspections

Ensuring the safety of your home’s electrical framework is our utmost priority. Our detailed inspections identify potential hazards and ensure all components meet industry standards.

Comprehensive Circuit Analysis

Outdated Wiring Detection

Grounding System Checks

Electrical Installations

From single room upgrades to whole-house projects, our installation services are designed to enhance your home’s electrical efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Lighting Solutions

Appliance Circuit Set-Up

Full Home Rewiring

Repair and Maintenance

Our proactive maintenance and rapid repair services ensure your home’s electrical system remains in peak condition throughout the seasons.

Fault Diagnosis

Component Replacement

Periodic Maintenance Checks

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